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In-depth information about the embedded vision market, applications, technologies, products, and trends.

The content in this section of the website comes from Embedded Vision Alliance™ members and other industry luminaries. The Overview shows all of the content, sorted by date. Other tabs sort the material by type. If you'd like to contribute an original, in-depth article to the Alliance, propose your content in this section of the forum.

Omek Interactive demonstrates its latest embedded vision technologies and products at the January 2013 Consumer Electronics Show.

Attendees of the 2012 HOT CHIPS symposium recently learned about Analog Devices’ new BF60x family of video and vision processors.


The Embedded Vision Alliance's Jan. 15, 2013 email newsletter edition covers a diversity of embedded vision technology and product topics.


Professor Kristen Grauman of the University of Texas at Austin presents the keynote at the December 2012 Alliance Member Meeting.


"Embedded vision" refers to the use of computer vision technology in embedded systems, i.e. systems that extract meaning from visual inputs.

eyeSight announces that its gesture control technology has been integrated into AMD’s upcoming Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) platforms.

Texas Instruments is collaborating with SoftKinetic, leading provider of end-to-end 3D sensor and gesture recognition middleware solutions.

CEVA today announced it is partnering with iOnRoad, an award-winning technology provider for personal driving assistance.

Jeff Bier, founder of the Embedded Vision Alliance, interviews Daniel Wilding, National Instruments Digital Hardware Engineer.


CEVA today announced CEVA-CV, a new computer vision (CV) software library for the development of vision-enabled applications.