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NXP Semiconductors Demonstration of Optimized Performance and Memory Utilization for Object Detection on i.MX RT

Markus Levy, Director of Enabling Technologies at NXP Semiconductors, delivers a product demonstration at the May 2018 Embedded Vision Summit. Specifically, Levy demonstrates the i.MX RT architecture, which represents the convergence of low-power application processors and high-performance microcontrollers. This particular demo shows the i.MX RT1050 MCU, which is based on a 600MHz Arm® Cortex®-M7 core and 512 KB of tightly-coupled SRAM, running object detection at 800 msecs per frame.

With the support of a customized object detection framework provided by NXP’s partner, Pilot.AI, the demo is able to perform object detection, recognizing people’s heads at up to 15-20 feet from a low-resolution camera, at 5 frames per second. Check out more details at and