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Basler's Thies Möller Explains Camera Interfaces

In this Vision Campus video, Basler's Thies Möller describes the different kinds of camera interfaces and explains which are the most common options. He then gives a practical example to show how you can choose the right camera interface for your vision system. An interface is the connection between two systems. Whether it is the headphone jack on your smartphone, the USB port on your PC or even the gas pedal in your car, interfaces can be found in various ways and they can make our everyday life easier.

If you want to connect your camera to your PC, for example, you need an interface. This applies to your "ordinary" digital cameras as well as to digital industrial cameras. However, choosing the right interface for an industrial camera in a particular application involves much more than just choosing the right cable. Cable length, resolution, bandwidth, overall costs and interface-specific features are all important selection criteria. Careful consideration of these factors is the basis of getting the most out of your system.

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Click here to watch the video with German subtitles.