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Video Interviews & Demos

Embedded Vision Alliance Founder Jeff Bier demonstrates the Mobileye ADAS installed in his wife’s vehicle.

Jeff Bier has a conversation with Jose Alvarez to gain insights into R&D and Engineering for embedded vision at Xilinx.

Vin Ratford, Senior VP at Xilinx, describes his vision for the future of embedded vision to Jeff Bier, Embedded Vision Alliance Founder.

Xilinx VP Larry Getman describes the Extensible Processing Platform (EPP), which is poised to open new opportunities in embedded vision.

Joe Mallett discusses Xilinx current platforms for embedded vision and the opportunities for expansion.

Loyd Case, the editor-in-chief of Improbable Insights, discusses gesture-based interfaces.

Jeff Bier discusses why BDTI helped create the Embedded Vision Alliance and gives predictions for the future of embedded vision technology.