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It’s important for a deep learning model to make accurate predictions in production. How efficiently these predictions happen also matters.

Optical Measurement Systems inspect objects and detect a variety of different characteristics.

You can count on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) showing the very latest in game-changing technology.

The infancy of AI technology is driving several fundamental shifts in how AI processing is accomplished.

Vision Components shows new embedded vision systems and an extended range of MIPI camera modules.

The project contains more than 20 pre-trained deep learning models, benchmarking scripts, best practice documents and step-by-step tutorials

Camera, radar and lidar sensors give autonomous vehicles superhuman vision.

Since the initial Amazon Go launch, there has been a burst of activity in the space from various companies putting stakes in the ground.

The Embedded Vision Alliance's April 17, 2019 email newsletter edition covers a diversity of embedded vision technology and product topics.


Depending on the requirements of the vision system, customers can choose between a flexible and an easy approach.