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CEVA Demonstration of the Digital Video Stabilizer Module for the CEVA-MM3000 Platform

The CEVA Digital Video Stabilizer (DVS) is an advanced software application that is able to handle both shakiness and rolling shutter effects to output smoother video streams for embedded devices such as smartphone, tablets and others. Features supported include rolling shutter (Jello effect) and multiple axis correction, which reduce shakiness and smooth the motion when panning, zooming and rotating, in any light conditions.

This video is a set of sample streams comparing the quality of CEVA's digital video stabilizer vs. several leading smartphones. For each comparison, CEVA has filmed side-by-side using two identical phones, one phone with stabilization activated (the phone built-in stabilization) and one with stabilization disabled. Then CEVA applied Digital Video Stabilizer over the stream without stabilization and compared the result with the original stabilized stream.

For more information on the Digital Video Stabilizer, please see CEVA's press release and the product page on CEVA's website. For more information on the CEVA-MM3101 core, the first product instantiation of the CEVA-MM3000 family, please see this news writeup.