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July 2013 Embedded Vision Alliance Member Meeting Market Trends Presentation

Argus Insights CEO John Feland, Ph.D., delivers the market trends presentation, "Who Watches The Watchers?  Consumer Perceptions of Embedded Vision Features in Consumer Electronics," at the July 2013 Embedded Vision Alliance Member Meeting.

As the ubiquity of image sensors approaches that of microprocessors in every aspect of our lives, how are consumers responding to the benefits and perceived risks of unintended surveillance via these new solutions? What lessons can we learn – for example, from the success of the Kinect and the failure of the Galaxy S4, as well as the growing interest and angst around the Xbox One -- regarding the boundaries consumers are defining with respect to embedded vision technologies? Using the novel collection and analysis methods of Argus Insights, this discussion pulled insights from the market, helped build a picture of today's consumer, and mapped expectations of embedded vision enabled experiences moving forward.
John Feland, PhD, is the CEO of Argus Insights, the strategic guide for understanding the voice of the market with demand forecasts, actionable social intelligence and market insights into the whys behind shifting consumer expectations. Prior to founding Argus Insights, John was the Chief Technologist at SK Telecom Americas, ran the internal innovation team at Synaptics, taught at Stanford University, worked as a designer at IDEO and served as an officer in the US Air Force.