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An Introduction to the Market for Embedded Vision in Automotive Driver Assistance Applications

Brian Dipert, Editor-In-Chief of the Embedded Vision Alliance, interviews Helena Perslow, Senior Market Analyst at IMS Research, on May 21, 2012. In this second video of a planned series with various IMS Research analysts, Brian and Helena discuss (among other things) the various applications for embedded vision in automotive driver assistance (ADAS) applications, the degree to which various ADAS systems may share a common camera versus requiring dedicated image sensors/processors/etc, the alternative technologies capable of implementing various ADAS functions and how a vision-based approach compares against (and in some cases complements) them, sizes of both the overall market and subsets, and various market trends.

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Good interview! Really interesting to hear about the multitude of vision-based safety features being incorporated into cars.I can't wait to have a chance to drive the new Mercedes-Benz A Class, which features numerous vision-based features.  Check out the video here: