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Press Releases

Introducing world’s first PCIe 4.0 ready desktop CPUs and GPUs, designed to push the limits of gamers, enthusiasts, and content creators.

96boards is the leading technology frontier in open platform specification and compliance.

Best-in-class performance, power efficiency, plus real-time ray tracing for growing wave of blockbuster games.

The output from ST’s FlightSense ToF ranging sensor is used by Intel Context Sensing to offer a breakthrough approach to PC data security.

Increased resolution with even greater low-light performance enables higher accuracy and longer detection range for security cameras.

Highly automated production unit for Alvium officially inaugurated.

The deal includes a VC MIPI OV9281 camera module with 1MP sensor, trigger input, flash trigger output, lens holder, and robust driver.

Global HPC leaders join to support new platform.

Built on 7nm process technology, Versal is the industry’s first adaptive compute acceleration platform.

Algolux and university scientists develop non-line-of-sight technology that photographs hidden objects using conventional camera sensors.