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Press Releases

Solution tunes industry’s smallest, best value 2MP RGB-IR automotive image sensor for optimal performance with low light, cost effective ISP

Embedded vision systems with integrated lighting save space and costs in many applications.

Leading computer makers adopt NVIDIA EGX platform, offering GPU edge servers for instant AI on real-time streaming data.

The ace 2 Pro line provides valuable support for more demanding requirements, thanks to powerful new in-camera features.

SoC uses advanced pixel technology, featuring compact size, top VGA camera performance and maximum notebook battery life.

In last year's awards, Morpho’s deep learning high-speed inference software “SoftNeuro” won "Best AI technology".

CameraCubeChip module provides low power consumption via multiple standby modes, along with faster global shutter capture and processing.

Industry awards recognize visual AI innovation and leadership.

With a multi-sensor platform, FRAMOS is launching a completely new solution to support stereo, dual stereo and all-round applications.

Sensor enables single camera for 2-in-1 convertible laptops, along with greater accuracy for IR facial recognition and high quality color.