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Press Releases

Partners presented latest technologies in fields of image sensors & embedded vision, 3D imaging, artificial intelligence & image processing.

Top categories will include unmanned aerial vehicles, driverless tractors, and material, soil and dairy management robots.

Ambarella’s CV22AQ CVflow computer vision processor and Longhorn’s sensors and 360° panoramic systems deliver safe automatic parking.

Platform to leverage Ambarella’s high-performance CVflow computer vision architecture and Baolong’s automotive visual perception algorithms.

Visual analysis of clothing is a topic that has received increasing attention, with benefits for brands and consumers.

The Award recognizes the innovation and achievement of the industry’s leading technologies, services, and products.

ASIL D ready vision processor with safety enhancement delivers highest level of functional safety for automotive SoCs.

Strayos and BlinkAI recognized for innovation and excellence in computer vision.

Multi-mode 5G chipset, with MediaTek Helio M70 modem built-in, boasts 7nm process and newest CPU, GPU and APU technology.

Combining MVTec software products with Hilscher PC cards enables machine vision applications to be integrated into process control systems.