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Embedded Vision Alliance Introduces the Embedded Vision Academy, Expands Membership to 20 Companies

Oakland, California, December 6, 2011 — With its membership now numbering 20 sponsoring companies, the Embedded Vision Alliance today announced the opening of a free online training facility for embedded vision product developers. Called the Embedded Vision Academy, this program provides training and other resources to help engineers integrate visual intelligence―the ability of electronic systems to see and understand their environments―into next-generation embedded and consumer devices.

The goal of the Academy is to make it possible for engineers worldwide to gain the skills needed for embedded vision product and application development. Course material in the Embedded Vision Academy spans a wide range of vision-related subjects, from basic vision algorithms to image pre- processing, image sensor interfaces, and software development techniques and tools such as OpenCV. Courses will incorporate training videos, interviews, demonstrations, downloadable code, and other developer resources―all oriented towards developing embedded vision products. Already available at the Academy are: nine video seminars and interviews, six tutorial articles and a downloadable demo suite. The Alliance plans to continuously expand the curriculum of the Embedded Vision Academy, so engineers will be able to return to the site on an ongoing basis for new courses and resources. Access is free to all through a simple registration process.

“The activity of the Embedded Vision Alliance has grown dramatically in the few months since it was launched,” commented Jeff Bier, Founder of the Embedded Vision Alliance and President of BDTI. “Interest in embedded vision continues to grow among electronic system designers, mobile application developers, and many others. The Embedded Vision Academy is one way that the Alliance is delivering on our mission of inspiring and empowering engineers and developers to incorporate vision capabilities into their products.”

Since its launch, the Alliance has also expanded its editorial staff, adding frequent coverage of embedded vision technology and product news to its web site and has launched a free monthly newsletter. The Alliance website offers several RSS feeds (such as:, helping viewers stay updated on the latest information, and is connected to several social media channels at:

Twitter:    @EmbeddedVision

“Embedded vision technology is already having a huge impact on markets from factory automation to gaming, and from security to automotive safety,” said Jon Cropley, Principal Analyst with market research firm IMS Research. “As the enabling technologies for embedded vision become more capable and cost-effective, we expect embedded vision to proliferate into numerous other markets, including mobile devices, digital signs, medical equipment, and even toys. This is creating exciting opportunities across the electronics industry, and the Embedded Vision Academy has an important role to play, having been established to aid product developers in realizing the potential of embedded vision.”

The Embedded Vision Alliance was launched in May of 2011, and now has 20 sponsoring member companies: AMD, Analog Devices, Apical, Avnet Electronics Marketing, BDTI, CEVA, CogniVue, Freescale, IMS Research, Intel, MathWorks, Maxim Integrated Products, NVIDIA, National Instruments, Omek Interactive, Texas Instruments, Tokyo Electron Device, Xilinx, XIMEA and XMOS. The first step of the Embedded Vision Alliance was to launch a website at The site serves as a source of practical information to help design engineers and application developers incorporate vision capabilities into their products. The Alliance’s plans include educational webinars, industry reports, and other related activities. Everyone is free to access the resources on the website, which is maintained through member and industry contributions. Membership information is also available at the site.

About the Embedded Vision Alliance: Founded in 2011 and led by BDTI, the Alliance represents an industry collaboration to transform the electronics industry with products that are more intelligent and aware of their environments. It is a membership-based entity dedicated to inspiring and empowering embedded system designers and application developers to use embedded vision technology. A key means of achieving this is providing engineers and developers with the practical information that they need in order to effectively incorporate embedded vision technology in their designs.

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