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Press Releases

Rhonda Software is one of the primary product development companies for Ambarella based ISPs, SoCs and SoMs.

Aldec makes available a ‘4k Ultra HD image pass through’ reference design for its Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC embedded development kit.

Aldec adds a ‘Bird’s Eye View’ function to its portfolio of ADAS FPGA-based reference designs for its TySOM-3-ZU7EV embedded development kit

Elevated ULL and NIR performance, along with high resolution and low power consumption, enable surveillance in all lighting conditions.

New cameras are suitable for quality control in glass production, in carbon fiber fabric manufacturing or for reflective surface inspection.

First public cloud provider to support NVIDIA HGX-2 to give customers access to a unified data science, HPC and AI computing architecture.

New AI-based NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Xavier system enables Level 2+ assisted driving, market introduction early 2020s.

RAPIDS, new GPU-accelerated libraries to be made available in PowerAI on IBM POWER9, IBM Cloud, and IBM Watson Studio.

HPE, IBM, Oracle, open-source community, startups integrate RAPIDS, giving giant performance boost to end-to-end predictive data analytics.

FRAMOS will also be highlighting the launch their ecosystem of products designed for a modularized approach to embedded vision.