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Press Releases

Basler is expanding its ace 2 camera series portfolio with 16 additional models featuring the Sony IMX334 CMOS sensor.

MVTec experts will illustrate trends, technologies, and solutions in a variety of presentations, aimed at developers, programmers and users.

New multimodal platform purpose built with perceptive intelligence for applications including smart displays, smart cameras, video soundbars

Safe and secure INTEGRITY RTOS and StradVision's SVNet vision processing technology combine for deep learning driving in late 2020 vehicles.

Latest LiDAR technology sets new performance standards in photon detection efficiency (PDE) and image resolution.

FRAMOS Tech Days provides the latest technical news on image sensors, embedded vision trends, customization, and image performance.

The resulting vision system provides the perfect solution for intelligent, vision-based machine learning applications.

AnyConnect's Smarter Camera platform and ASUS' Tinker Edge T enable AI camera networks with edge inference.

New chips bring flagship features and performance to midrange 5G smartphones.

Highly integrated processors offer specialized accelerators and functional safety features on-chip and a unified software platform.