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Press Releases

With this new version, deep learning inference, i.e., the use of a pre-trained CNN, is now running on CPUs for the first time.

New 10nm system-on-chips designed to deliver high-performing, power-efficient edge computing

The fifth-generation Vision Q6 DSP targets the smartphone, surveillance camera, automotive, AR/VR, drone and robotics markets.

Algolux’s CANA robust perception stack and CRISP-ML optimization platform were chosen by a panel with years of experience in vision.

The CEVA-XM6 computer vision and deep learning platform was recognized by a panel of experts from system integrator and end-user companies.

Nicol will detail how to replace the legacy CPU + coprocessor computer architecture paradigm with a dataflow-based approach.

Highly sensitive CMOS sensor is optimized for extreme low light and high contrast image capture.

Enhanced near infra-red performance boosts image quality for high-end security and surveillance cameras.

Enhanced NIR sensitivity and integrated cooler improve performance and simplify development for camera manufacturers.

CV2 delivers up to 20 times the deep neural network processing performance of first-generation CV1 processor.