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Market Analysis

This page presents highlights of market research from a wide range of sources on embedded vision markets. This includes end equipment markets, such as video surveillance, automotive safety, and mobile devices. It also includes enabling technology markets, such as processors and sensors.

This page is updated regularly, so check back frequently for the latest additions, or connect to the RSS feed for this page by clicking on the RSS feed button above. If you are aware of relevant market research that is not included here, please let us know by sending email to

More than 300 AI use cases will contribute to market growth across 30 industries.

The infancy of AI technology is driving several fundamental shifts in how AI processing is accomplished.

Since the initial Amazon Go launch, there has been a burst of activity in the space from various companies putting stakes in the ground.

A new proposition is emerging as 5G networks roll out and artificial intelligence (AI) use cases proliferate across devices and the cloud.

Historically, NVIDIA has not necessarily been known for powering low power AI applications.

AI-based HMI technologies have the potential to play a significant role within vehicles.

A key difference between a company that is growing and one that is struggling is the real and perceived level of quality of its products.

As vehicles grow increasingly connected and packed with sensors, AI-based technologies will play a significant role in the human-machine I/F

Quality monitoring, yield improvement, root cause analysis, predictive maintenance, energy management, etc. are all driving investment in AI

Household robots, personal assistant robots, and toy and educational robots are all driving strong market growth.