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Gesture Control, Voice Recognition, Eye Tracking, Motion Sensor, Proximity Touch Market Forecasted to Reach $42.6 Billion by 2020

In the recently published “Touchless Human-Machine-Interaction Market Report”, Touch Display Research Inc., an independent market research and consulting firm, analyzes over nine touchless HMI technologies, and eight market applications. Touch Display Research forecasts the touchless HMI market will reach $42.6 Billion by 2020.

Gesture control, voice recognition, eye tracking, proximity touch, and motion sensors have gained momentum in the past few years. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, LG, Intel and Qualcomm are all working on touchless HMI. They’ve acquired or will acquire small companies with touchless technologies. The USA is the most active country in the touchless HMI market with 96 companies. Japan is No. 2, Germany is No. 3.

“From mobile phones to automobiles, from digital signage to home/building automation, from notebook PC to wearable devices, touchless human-machine-interaction is the next big thing. Touchless HMI provides the benefit of hygiene/cleanness, safety, power/resource saving, convenience, fun, and coolness. We forecast touchless HMI market will grow rapidly in the next several years,” said Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, Principal Analyst at Touch Display Research.

Figure 1. Touchless Human-Machine-Interaction Market Forecast (Source: Touch Display Research, September 2014)

For the full version of this report, please visit the Touch Display Research website.