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Security Systems Integrators Unsure of IT Distributors

Wellingborough, UK – 17 May 2012. A new report from IMS Research  (recently acquired by IHS Inc. (NYSE: IHS)) has found that almost 40 percent of North American security systems integrators would prefer to deal with IT distributors when purchasing their IP-based video surveillance products. In Europe this figure surpasses 50% of systems integrators and installers.

Paul Bremner, market analyst at IMS Research comments, “While almost 40% of systems integrators would like to use IT distributors, there remains a large percentage that do not. The main concerns are that IT distributors have the knowledge about the networking part of the installation, but many still lack the knowledge of what lenses, housings or physical mounts to use. The other factor holding back many traditional systems integrators are the legacy security distributors where strong relationships exist and continue to persist.”

Another key finding from the research was that almost 80 percent of North American systems installers said they required better training from their suppliers of IP-based video surveillance products. Also topping the list of additional support required was telephone/web support, demo systems/materials and better software/SDKs(software development kits).

Bremner continues, “Systems installers have stated their requirements for better training, support, and demo systems. Many of these installers will only have taken a general training course for an overview of what the technology offers, while many still have had no formal training what so ever. This knowledge needs to be provided to installers, so that the installers feel more comfortable with IP systems.”

IMS Research’s report, IP Trends in Security – A Survey of Systems Integrators and Installers in Europe and North America – 2012 Edition, is published in two regional volumes, Europe and North America.

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About the report:

As the market for IP-based security products continues to grow, customers are demanding more from their suppliers of security equipment (e.g. PSIM, VSaaS, etc). Integration between access control and video, greater interoperability, and intelligent video analysis are examples of technologies registering interest from customers today. The trend to IP is also influencing the way security products are purchased, with IT managers working more closely with security managers in many buying decisions.

This is a third edition report and will provide manufacturers of security products with direct feedback from installers and systems integrators on their requirements for IP-based security products. The report will focus primarily on video surveillance.

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About IMS Research:

IMS Research, recently acquired by IHS, is a leading independent supplier of market research and consultancy to the global electronics industry, offering syndicated market studies, custom research and consultancy services. Clients include most of the household names in the industry. IMS Research has offices in Europe, the US, China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. To find out more, contact IMS Research:;   T: +44 (0) 1933 402255;

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