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IT Vendors Benefit from Crossover in Enterprise Video Storage

Wellingborough, UK – February 29th, 2012. IMS Research forecasts strong growth for the world market for external enterprise storage platforms used for video surveillance, with an average annual growth rate of 52% for storage capacity shipped from 2010 to 2016. In comparison, internal enterprise storage platforms are forecast to see 36% growth over the same period. Despite the strong growth for both storage platforms, external storage is forecast to displace internal storage as the dominant storage platform in 2014.

Sam Grinter, Market Analyst at IMS Research comments, “This crossover is being driven by a number of factors including the continued transition from analogue to network security cameras and the use of higher resolution cameras, both of which generate more data per camera than a standard resolution analogue security camera.”

External storage platforms offer greater advantages over internal storage equivalents by processing and storing much greater quantities of data in comparison to DVRs, NVRs and other internal storage platforms. This is a result of the scalability of external storage platforms; this means that a greater number of hard disk drives (HDDs) can be installed within the device, which creates a much greater data storage capacity.

A consequence of an increased use of external platforms is that many IT vendors have seen strengthening traction of their storage solutions for use in video surveillance applications. Over the past few years, vendors such as EMC, Pivot3, DDN and HP to name a few, have seen an increase in their market share for video surveillance storage solutions.

Grinter continues, “For new IT vendors looking to enter the market it is important to establish strong partnerships in the video surveillance industry. Many successful IT vendors have partnered with VMS providers and have created strong lists of value added resellers and integrators who understand their storage solutions.”

This transition from internal to external storage platforms is one of the key findings of the World Market for Enterprise and IP Storage used for Video Surveillance – 2012 edition, which has recently been published. This report presents nine product types, ten end-user industries, and 30 countries, in terms of revenue and storage capacity from 2010 to 2016

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About The World Market for Enterprise and IP Storage used for Video Surveillance – 2010 Edition Report:

The video surveillance market is undergoing a significant and exciting technology transition. Users are adopting products which utilise integrated networks over older analogue products because of the advantages they give in terms of connectivity, scalability and video resolution. The way in which organisations manage their video surveillance storage is also changing as they adopt new network solutions. Furthermore, storage capacity requirements are increasing to deal with the volume of data produced by network video systems.

The aim of this report is to provide storage and video surveillance equipment manufacturers with an up to date and comprehensive assessment of the market. In addition, the report will forecast the impact of the shift to network storage as economies across the world continue to recover from the recession.

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