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Upcoming Touch Gesture Motion Events from IMS Research

In December 2011, IMS Research hosted the inaugural Touch Gesture Motion Conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Downtown Austin. The goal of the event was to discuss how the human machine interface was evolving using touch, gesture & motion (with a little discussion on voice) technologies. The event was a roaring success with more than 170 attendees over the two days and as such IMS Research is proud to announce its lineup of 2012 conferences covering the rapidly evolving human machine interface industry.

The Future of Touch & Interactivity Conference at SID Display Week 2012
June 7th, 2012
Boston, MA – The Boston Convention Center

In the past few years, touch technologies have leaped to the forefront of the display industry – creating an entirely new way for users to interact with all manner of electronic devices. There’s little question that touch technologies will continue to improve, thereby expanding the ability of humans to interact with an expanding suite of devices – as well as with one another. Increasingly, we’re now seeing innovative developments in the areas of gesture and motion-based interactivity – enabling users to interact in 3D space and from remote distances. The Future of Touch & Interactivity conference will bring together an exciting mix of companies and an incredibly knowledgeable group of speakers – all focusing at the forefront of these ongoing innovations in the market.

Touch Gesture Motion – EMEA
September 12-13, 2012
London, UK – Hilton Paddington Hotel

Touch Gesture Motion – EMEA will look to bring the same excitement and enthusiasm seen at TGM 2011 across the pond for a full two day conference. The event will have more of a European flavor with the majority of the companies & participants based across Europe and the Middle East. The objective of this event is to again provide an international forum for senior executives, technical managers, and marketing personnel from leading companies involved with touch, gesture & motion technologies to meet with other industry players to examine the market potential, technical barriers and new opportunities these technologies will bring.

Touch Gesture Motion – Americas
December 12-13, 2012
Austin, TX – Venue TBD

In a very short period of time, Touch Gesture Motion has established itself as the premiere event for the human machine interface industry to learn about the latest in touch gesture & motion technologies. This two day event build on the topics covered at The Future of Touch & Interactivity at Display Week 2012 as well as Touch Gesture Motion – EMEA featuring keynotes & presentations from industry leaders along with lively panel sessions and plenty of time for networking.

If you’d like to exhibit, sponsor or speak at any of these events, please contact Bob Perez at or +1.512.302.1977.