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Market Analysis

This page presents highlights of market research from a wide range of sources on embedded vision markets. This includes end equipment markets, such as video surveillance, automotive safety, and mobile devices. It also includes enabling technology markets, such as processors and sensors.

This page is updated regularly, so check back frequently for the latest additions, or connect to the RSS feed for this page by clicking on the RSS feed button above. If you are aware of relevant market research that is not included here, please let us know by sending email to

Investment in AI for autonomous vehicles will rise rapidly over the next few years, in addition to other automotive use cases.

China is accelerating its investment in AI and has an ambitious plan to increase its core AI industry output ten-fold in a 3-year timeframe.

Facial recognition, object recognition, emotion recognition, and collision avoidance are all AI-enabled computer vision technologies.

The global automotive night vision systems market can be segmented into two main technologies: Far Infrared (FIR) and Near Infrared (NIR).

The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show was dominated by the central theme of artificial intelligence becoming much more visible and tangible.

If AI had a public relations (PR) or brand consultant, they would have a tough job on their hands right now.

ACMs are devices that are installed in the front, rear, and sides of vehicles to provide maximum information about the surroundings.

A significant element of AI’s limitations, to date, is understanding humans and, more specifically, human emotion.

Advances have been made due to accelerated access to data, cheaper compute power, and evolving deep learning combined with computer vision.

Applications include video surveillance, autonomous driving and navigation, medical image analysis, AR and VR, and localization and mapping.