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Market Analysis

This page presents highlights of market research from a wide range of sources on embedded vision markets. This includes end equipment markets, such as video surveillance, automotive safety, and mobile devices. It also includes enabling technology markets, such as processors and sensors.

This page is updated regularly, so check back frequently for the latest additions, or connect to the RSS feed for this page by clicking on the RSS feed button above. If you are aware of relevant market research that is not included here, please let us know by sending email to

Increased interest in AI from colocation and tier 2 operators, enterprises, and cloud hyperscale operators drive the market.

Enterprises are embracing AI to increase efficiencies, productivity, and cost savings.

More than 330 AI use cases will contribute to market growth across 28 industries.

AI algorithms are compute-sensitive by nature, and the need for accelerating AI algorithms in hardware has long been recognized.

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has been instrumental in getting computer vision to the level of accuracy that the market demands.

NVIDIA is, by all accounts, the de facto standard in AI chipsets today, according to Tractica.

Cloud computing, AI processing, and IoT are driving forces behind the future growth of the cloud robotics market.

Head-mounted displays, assisted reality glasses, mixed reality holographic displays and smart helmets all play a market development role.

Numerous customer service applications – from manufacturing to order fulfillment – require recognition of faces and objects.

AGI (strong AI) is the application of AI across a generalized domain. In contrast, the current form of AI solves problems in narrow domains.