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Intel DL Boost follows a long history of Intel adding acceleration features to hardware to increase the performance of targeted workloads.

Detailing the building blocks of autonomous driving, new NVIDIA DRIVE Labs video series provides an inside look at DRIVE software.

Tracking: To follow a uniquely identified region of interest in a sequence of images.

In unveiling the specs of his new self-driving car computer, Elon Musk made several things very clear to the world.

You’d think a hard-wired approach results in much smaller and lower power implementations, but we’ve found that often the reverse is true.

NVIDIA aims to bring machine learning to Vulkan programmers though the Cooperative Matrix vendor extension.

Intel DL Boost includes new Vector Neural Network Instructions (VNNI) that can be used to perform computation in 8-bit precision.

It’s important for a deep learning model to make accurate predictions in production. How efficiently these predictions happen also matters.

You can count on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) showing the very latest in game-changing technology.

The project contains more than 20 pre-trained deep learning models, benchmarking scripts, best practice documents and step-by-step tutorials