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The amount of data generated by deployed image sensors dwarfs the amount of data generated by all other types of sensors combined.

We've launched this blog because vision technology is now enabling a range of products that are more intelligent and responsive than before.

The mobile industry remains huge, with more than 1.5 billion smartphones sold each year.

I've accumulated at least 100 hours of recordings of family events. And I keep recording more. But it started to feel pointless.

CES is the biggest gadget show of the year. Over 170,000 people gather in Vegas to experience the very latest in technology.

Drones will require a number of computer vision-enabled improvements in order to fulfill their potential in both existing and new markets.

What if our devices, systems and applications could gain intuitive insight?

Image and vision processing require a tremendous amount of processing power, not to mention a large amount of memory bandwidth.

Computer vision processors are naturally evolving towards complex architectures that include dedicated, specialized hardware blocks.

Pedestrian detection, driver monitoring, parking assistance & infotainment systems are making our rides safer, smoother, & more interesting.