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Thermal imaging, which can provide useful data while also concealing individual identities, is used for many applications.

With the rise of machine learning, vision-based intelligent capabilities are being developed into new and existing systems and applications.

INT4 precision can bring an additional 59% speedup compared to INT8.

Big Data subsumes many types of data analytic approaches, while Video Analytics generally means computer vision and image analysis on video.

Intelligent image processing using deep learning is everywhere.

The U-Net approach allows data‑driven models to automatically learn robust feature representations to generate state-of-the-art results.

The rapid expansion of computer-vision-based systems and applications is enabled by many factors.

A book, according to Jon Peddie, that everyone interested in big data and visualization should read.

People tracking can be seen as a subset of either object tracking or skeletal tracking, depending on the end goal of the tracking system.

An open software ecosystem is critical to enable developers to write AI software that takes full advantage of the latest processors.