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As cities expand and competition for space increases, managing vital green spaces is becoming increasingly important.

You don’t need to be an an academic or to work for a big company to get into AI. You can just be a guy with a GeForce 1080 Ti and a GAN.

It’s difficult to predict the future of technology, but VIA is involved in several key technologies that will drive innovation in 2019.

Technologies developed for fully autonomous vehicles can improve the advanced driver assistance systems already in wide use.

Developers don’t want to start from scratch every time they build a deep learning neural network.

Anomaly detection is the process of identifying abnormal events, also known as anomalies, using advanced detection techniques, such as DNNs.

This year proved to be a banner year for the NVIDIA Developer Blog, publishing over 80 new technical articles.

In spite of much research into different quantization schemes, the number of bits required and the best quantization scheme is still unknown

HE resolves the seemingly conflicting demands that machine learning requires data, while privacy requirements tend to preclude its use.

Deep Learning (DL) computational performance is critical for scientists and engineers applying deep learning techniques to many challenges.