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With this report, we show how we harness the unprecedented computing power of GPUs to create functionally safe self-driving systems.

Artificial intelligence, machine vision and the Internet of Things are helping companies make the factory of the future a reality.

We’re still at the beginning of the massive change that’s coming to the automotive and transportation industries.

From emotion recognition to personalized menus, the possibilities for facial recognition technology are only just starting to be realized.

Look no further than David Hasselhoff and his futuristic Pontiac Firebird sidekick in the hit 1982 Knight Rider TV series for the answer.

For AI to recognize what’s happening in real-world video , lots of good training data and images are needed.

Boosted by machine learning, image recognition and NVIDIA GPUs, trains are on track to lead the way in autonomous transportation.

There’s more to self-driving than meets the AI.

Based on the data available and question at hand, a scientist will train an algorithm using a specific learning model.

In 2012, three developments came together to turbocharge computer vision progress.