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Press Releases

Two new Goldeye camera models have an excellent price-performance ratio: Goldeye G/CL-033 TECless and Goldeye G/CL-008 Cool TEC1.

Finalists represent excellence in computer vision innovation.

With this new version, deep learning inference, i.e., the use of a pre-trained CNN, is now running on CPUs for the first time.

New 10nm system-on-chips designed to deliver high-performing, power-efficient edge computing

The fifth-generation Vision Q6 DSP targets the smartphone, surveillance camera, automotive, AR/VR, drone and robotics markets.

Algolux’s CANA robust perception stack and CRISP-ML optimization platform were chosen by a panel with years of experience in vision.

The CEVA-XM6 computer vision and deep learning platform was recognized by a panel of experts from system integrator and end-user companies.

Nicol will detail how to replace the legacy CPU + coprocessor computer architecture paradigm with a dataflow-based approach.

Highly sensitive CMOS sensor is optimized for extreme low light and high contrast image capture.

Enhanced near infra-red performance boosts image quality for high-end security and surveillance cameras.