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Senior Firmware Engineer
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Brain Corp is a San Diego-based AI company creating transformative core technology for the robotics industry. Our diverse engineering teams in Software, Hardware Design, and Embedded Systems are creating comprehensive solutions to support the builders of today's autonomous machines in successfully producing, deploying, and supporting commercial robots across industries and applications. Brain Corp is funded by the SoftBank Vision Fund and Qualcomm Ventures. For more information please visit:   

We are seeking a Sr. Firmware Engineer to our join our growing team. This position will focus on writing safe, reliable firmware for integrating hardware and software on for mobile robotic products.

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Design, develop and support the firmware systems required for our robotic brains
  • Manage safety and reliability of the firmware
  • System integration with hardware and software systems

What you need

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or a related field
  • 5+ years professional experience, including:
    • Strong software engineering/coding in C/C++/Python
    • Strong embedded systems skills (GPIO, interrupts, timers, PWM, i2c, USB)
    • Strong experience in Linux environment
    • Experience with reliable, safety-critical systems and SIL (safety integrity level)
    • Experience with AGILE development and continuous integration
    • Familiarity with build systems (cmake, make)
    • Familiarity with release management and versioning
    • Familiarity with control systems (PID, closed loop control)
    • Experience with lab equipment (DMMs, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers)
    • Experience with Github, JIRA, and Jenkins tools for source control, tracking, and testing

Things that make a difference

  • Advanced degree in CS/CE or related field
  • Familiarity with ARM Cortex microcontrollers
  • Familiarity with an RTOS
  • Functional safety engineering certification (TUV or equivalent)
  • Experience with mobile robotics

This position is located in our San Diego headquarters.

Follow this link to apply: