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Great New Tokyo-based Machine Vision/Robotics Software Opportunities
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My new client is an exciting machine vision and robotics software company based in Tokyo, which is looking to recruit the brightest talent in the field to work in their location. In the future, some remote or US-based work will probably be available, but not now.  They were stealthily founded three years ago and are already fully self-funded and profitable with a good revenue stream that has grown by 20% per year.

They gather the smartest people to tackle industrial automation problems, and are looking for talented engineers to work on motion-planning, object recognition and pose estimation for robotic manipulation, in many challenging scenarios such as random bin-picking and box-picking. They work in a fast paced, Agile environment, where they constantly collaborate, peer review ideas, and test proposed solutions. They encourage continuous brainstorming and learning within the team.

Relocation assistance and competitive salaries will be provided.

(1) Calibration Expert for Computer Vision

Required Skills

- Experience in sensor calibration, 3D sensor development, and related projects
- Deep understanding of projective geometry
- High proficiency in Python or C++
- Ability to turn ideas into code
- Effective oral and written communication skills in English
- Highly enthusiastic about robotics

Preferable Skills

- Deep knowledge of lens distortion models, multi-camera sensor calibration, and multi-view geometry
- Vast computer vision or computer graphics experience
- Very solid experience in both Python and C++
- Experience with multi-core architectures
- Experience in creating generic code that scales to multiple applications
- Previous contributions to open source projects



(2) Object Pose Estimation Expert for Robotic Manipulation

Required Skills

- MSc Degree or higher in computer science or related fields
- 3+ years of academic or work experience in object recognition or pose estimation
- High proficiency in Python and/or C++
- Experience in creating computationally efficient code that generalizes to multiple detectors
- Ability to turn academic ideas into high-quality practical code
- Effective oral and written communication skills in English
- Highly enthusiastic about robotics

Preferable Skills

- PhD in Computer Vision related topics or MSc with vast computer vision experience
- Expert in 3D pose estimation of textured and textureless objects in cluttered scenes, with proven experience
- Very solid Python and C++ experience
- Experience with a vast set of computer vision libraries
- Experience with multi-core architectures
- Previous contributions to open source projects
- Advanced Linux user


If you are interested in applying for one or more of these positions, please respond with a resume.  Referrals and recommendations are also welcomed.  Please be aware that relocation to Tokyo will be mandatory for these positions.


         Best Regards,

         Nicholas Meyler

         President/GM, Technology

         Wingate Dunross, Inc.

         ph (818)597-3200 ext. 211