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Final Year Student Project Proposal
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I’m an engineering student studying Mechatronics at Edith Cowan University in Australia and  I have a keen interest in Industrial Automation specifically in the Manufacturing Industry. I was doing some research on what to do for my final year project in that area and came across an  article titled  “Industrial automation and embedded vision: A powerful combination”  and it caught my attention and I researched further through  the Embedded Vision Alliance website . I wanted to ask if you might know of any specific area that I might do a project on in this field and possibly get a project proposal from a professional, a company or a university  within the Embedded Vision Space in relation to Industrial Automation.

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Points: 1 per my experience there are really many things that you can do in this field. Also no need to ask about the idea from anyone. You can simply use your idea. Think about anything near to you where you want to put automation.


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