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Great Opportunity in Computer Vision Algorithms; C++ and Python; Robotics
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Attention Fellow Engineers, Scientists, et al:

I have some great and exciting new searches that have opened up and am looking forward to finding great candidates for them.  Here is the first:

My $10 Billion+ repeat client designs and manufactures products at the heart of electronic connections for the world’s leading industries including automotive, energy and industrial, broadband communications, consumer devices, healthcare, and aerospace and defense. Their long-standing commitment to innovation and engineering excellence helps customers solve the need for more energy efficiency, always-on communications and ever-increasing productivity. With nearly 90,000 employees in over 50 countries

They have an outstanding opportunity for an automation/control engineer with strong technical and team working capabilities in establishing global robotic automation platforms in a leading electrical component manufacturing company. The individual shall be an expert to provide insight into systems design and control system programming in automated assembly production lines, and also be able to provide in-depth technical advisement over control system design during entire assembly production line development cycle.

The individual shall be an expert to develop the next generation automation technologies in robot programming, machine vision algorithm design, machine vision programming and writing communication applications that can communicate to different automation control devices (e.g., PLC, industrial OPC server and cloud connected devices). Ability to improve software performance to enable low cost flexible modular robotic automation with integration of advanced manufacturing process to help design engineering systems is also part of the desired technical capabilities.

This is a rare opportunity to join a high performing organization with a global role, reporting directly to the Fellow/Director: Technology, Advanced Manufacturing, as part of the corporate global technology team. This role will be a focal point of Company's global automation technical expertise on current leading edge and next generation technologies. This position will also have the responsibility for establishing robotic automation modular flexible platforms at various Company manufacturing sites worldwide.

This position is based at the Middletown (near Harrisburg), PA facility.

As Senior Systems Engineer, you will report to the Fellow/Director: Technology, Advanced Manufacturing and interface directly with manufacturing engineering team inside different business units to provide robotic & machine vision programming, electrical/control system design technical expertise on current cutting edge and next generation technologies. You will be working on research and development of next generation of automation technology with universities and research institutes. During the technology transfer phase, you will be working closely with process engineers, manufacturing engineers and external system integrators. Most importantly, you will be the technical safe-guard for program design during different phases of an automation project, including requirement definitions, conduct concept review and detailed design review, installation, training and final ramp-up trouble shooting, all the way to transition the automation project to business unit:

• Innovate and develop the next generation of robotic automation software platforms and standard modules for flexible manufacturing processes. Identify levels of technologies should be sourced internally or externally.
• Display a solid understanding of different automation robotic technologies/concepts.
• Effectively communicate with other automation and manufacturing engineering team members regarding possible technical difficulties or road blocks when creating the specifications for a new automation assembly/production line.
• Provide necessary engineering support in robotic automation technology to engineering team members to create automation solutions for key and challenging processes for automation.
• Establishes and implement project plans, prepare project reviews and monthly status reports.
• Manage sourcing of components and technologies from suppliers.
• Develop parameter-tuning solutions for production.
• As a robotic / machine vision resource, address and to develop and/or execute robotic automation projects and strategies, and collaborate with other robotic/machine vision inside Company to provide consulting services.
• Work with intellectual property (IP) councils and legal teams to innovate and to strengthen Company IP strategies and portfolios in advanced manufacturing automation technology.
• Provide necessary engineering support in automation control, develop and implement control algorithms for servo control in tandem with vision guidance.
• Work with internal or external automation team members, equipment vendors and suppliers to over-come major technical challenges in system(s) design in a timely manner.

Professional Qualifications:
• A strong technically oriented engineer with clearly demonstrated experience and a track record of developing robotic program and machine vision system & programs
• Experience with cell calibration including robotics and vision components
• Minimum 4 years hands-on experience robot development, controls and operation
• Proficient at Matlab®, Simulink® and LabView®
• Hands-on experience in systems design
• Strong oral and written communication and presentation skills
• Strong problem solving and analytical skills
• Experience in embedded operating systems and robot operating systems
• Develop and maintain system models for simulation and testing of algorithms.
• Develop test cases and methodologies to evaluate new control, optimization and diagnostic algorithms with simulations and conduct testing in the field.
• Familiar with different robot & machine vision programming platform, including EPSON SPEL+®, ABB Rapid®; Familiar with ROC and MVTec® Halcon® is preferred
• Familiar with motion planning, image processing and machine vision algorithm design
• Experience with different programming language is preferred, including MS. NET, C++, C; familiar with Python is preferred.

Minimum Degree and Experience:
• MS + 8 years’ experience or PhD + 5-6 years’ experience (preferred) in control / robotics / machine vision or equivalent.

If you are interested in this outstanding opportunity, please send me a resume. Random resume submissions are always welcome, too. Referrals and recommendations are greatly appreciated.


  Best Regards,

  Nicholas Meyler

 GM/President, Technology

  Wingate Dunross, Inc.

  ph (818)597-3200 ext. 211