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Eyes of Things
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“Eyes of Things” (EoT) is a Project recently selected by the European Commission in one of the first batches of the ICT-H2020 Framework Programme. The Project Consortium is composed of eight European partners: VISILAB (Spain, Project Coordinator), Movidius (Ireland), Awaiba (Portugal), DFKI (Germany), Thales (France), Fluxguide (Austria), nViso (Switzerland) and Evercam (Ireland). The 3.7M€ Project envisages a computer vision platform that can be used both standalone and embedded into more complex artifacts, particularly for wearable applications. The core hardware will be based on a SoC that has been designed for maximum performance of the always-demanding vision applications while keeping the lowest energy consumption. This will allow ‘always on’ and truly mobile vision processing. Software will be developed in parallel to this design, at both the low and middleware levels, and also for a number of demonstrators. The demonstrators span applications in surveillance, wearable configuration and embedded into a household item. Eyes of Things will have a duration of three years, starting in January 2015. The project Kick-off meeting will be January 27th, 2015.


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Dr. Oscar Deniz,





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