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I'm looking for computer vision expert !
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I am currently a student in a PhD program researching image processing in the computer vision area.

I work with color image as well as 3D point cloud data.


I specialized in architectural engineering, not computer science, so I experience difficulty in the process of my research.

In particular, I have trouble selecting proper algorithms for solving the problems that I face due to my lack of knowledge about related areas.

In addition, even after choosing the algorithms, I tend to have trouble implementing them because of my limited ability to write some codes in C, C++, and Matlab.

Besides this, in case the results are not satisfactory, it is difficult to find the cause of the error, e.g. inappropriate data processing and limitations of the algorithms.


Thus, I am looking for a specialist in the area of computer vision to solve these problems.


I am willing to pay $1,500 per month in advance.


Below are my requirements:

1) I want to have daily meetings with you. These will take 30 minutes to 1 hour.

2) I want to receive advice over e-mail within an agreed upon timeframe.

3) I want to discuss whether I can obtain suitable results when I apply the algorithm to my data set.

4) I want to obtain information about an algorithm that could provide suitable results.

5) I would like for you to tell me why and what to do if my code won’t work.

6) I want to make sure that I am processing the data appropriately from a computer vision perspective.


Periodical communication is the most important thing.


I am looking for a person who can work with me for a long period of time, such as through my PhD program and further during my follow-up study.


At first month, I want to this to find ways to communicate with you.


If this would be possible for you, please mail me.