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Chinese Manufacturer Seeks Vision Expertise To Solve Engineering Challenges
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Brian Dipert
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NineSigma, a company who connects technology providers with potential customers, has recently made the Embedded Vision Alliance aware of two vision processing-related opportunities associated with Haier, a large Chinese appliance manufacturer. Below are links to the two project descriptions, followed by short summaries of both Haier and NineSigma. Please follow the links for more information, and to submit your proposal(s). The deadline for submissions is August 30.

Image Recognition to Distinguish Foods Inside a Refrigerator

Technologies with High Resolution for Precise Control of Hand Gestures

Haier is a multinational home appliance and consumer goods company. For the last 5 consecutive years, Haier has been ranked as the No 1 global brand for major AApliances. Founded in Qingdao, China in 1984, Haier now has operations in many countries, including R&D centers in China, Japan, USA, Germany and New Zealand, and manufacturing sites in USA, Italy, Nigeria, Thailand and Indonesia. Haier's vision is to become the customers' first choice for household appliances. We are passionate about collaborating with world-class companies and research and development organisations so that we can create new products that serve our customer's needs.

NineSigma helps organizations in the public, private and nonprofit sectors find new solutions, knowledge and partners to accelerate the innovation cycle. The leader in creating 'unexpected connections' across industries and technical disciplines, NineSigma has produced billions of dollars in value for its clients. NineSigma's online community, NineSights®, connects innovators of all sizes with the resources and relationships needed to drive growth. Learn more at or