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Benchmarking algorithms on CV platforms.
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Is there a set of CV algorithms / configurations that are used to benchmark CV platforms?

(The EEMBC coremark or BDTI benchmark for CV...)

What types of algorithms are in this benchmark (or should be in it?)



Jeff Bier
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BDTI has developed a face detection benchmark for Android devices, which we're using as part of a suite of benchmarks for evaluating mobile devices.  We also develop custom benchmarks on a contract basis.  Please contact us via email ( for more information.

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I am not sure whether there are industrial benchmarks for computer vision. Yet there are a few academic ones, e.g.,

  • The San Diego Vision Benchmark Suite
  • MEVBench
  • KITTI Vision Benchmark Suite

If the processing platform is application specific, an individual algorithm is often used as a benchmark, e.g.,

Again, these are academic codes, which requires heavy optimization for the targeted processing platform.
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Hi Zhenyu,

Thanks for your given info its really helpfull, can i get your contact details