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Mobile Vision Applications
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There has been a recent surge in interest in optimizing and accelerating embedded vision processing in future application processors for mobile and wearable applications.  In particular there is a lot interest around stereo vision for mobile.  Why?   What money making applications do you think are driving the adoption of real time embedded vision processing? 

Jeff Bier
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I see quite a bit of money being invested in augmented reality appllcations in multiple fields, but especially for consumer marketing, such as this Band-Aid app: and this IKEA app:  (These apps themselves are free, but obviously significant investment went into them in the hopes of boosting consumer engagement and sales.)

I think wearable devices with vision have a huge future in many fields.  Here's a very cool aid for the visually impaired:

The advantage of stereo vision. of course, is that it provides depth information, which can make it much easier to determine the placement of objects in space, and the 3-D forms of those objects.