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Big Challenge on Bitmap comparison
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Compare reference image (1920×1080) in the memory


Starting point:

There is reference image in the memory of the Rpi.

I have a fixed camera set up(that also is used for taking the reference image) to take an image of always the same object whenever I push the button.

The object that needs to be fotographed might be slidely different from the reference (for example a screw is missing)

In fact, I assemble assy's that contain upto 50 screws and I want to be sure that I did'nt forget one.



After pushing the button I want the Rpi to do the following

1. Take picture

2. Compare that newly taken image with the reference image.

3. When there are no differences between the newly taken image and the reference image I want a green flashlight to start flashing for 5 sec.

4. Where there is a / are difference(s) I want the Rpi to show on a display roughly the difference (pointed out with a area circle or so) and give a RED light for 10 Seconds

After this the next image can be taken that will start the proces all over again.



Does anyone have experience with this.?

Can anyone help?

Nitin Garg
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Thank you