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OpenCV 2.4.4 Beta available
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2.4.4 beta

Updates since

  • Android applications framework is updated. Extra color conversion to gray-scale is not needed now (#2594)
  • Android tutorial is updated
  • Data race in Java samples is fixed (#2593)
  • Android samples are reorganized, duplications are removed
  • Building of two OpenCV-dependent JNI libraries in a single is enabled (#2202);
  • OpenCV Manager local reference table overflow is fixed (#2759).

Known issues

  • Native camera doesn't work on some devices (#1244#2359#2516).
  • Examples does not work on Android 2.2 emulator due to unsupported frame format (Android Emulator issue).
  • All open issues on Android:; background-color: transparent; color: rgb(27, 121, 189); font-weight: bold; background-position: 0% 60%; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">query.