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The Google Play Store - A Whole New Market for Computer Vision Developers
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Eric Gregori
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As more and more camera manufactures choose Android as their OS, the potential market for Computer Vision Developers grows.  I am very excited about the Samsung Galaxy Camera, not specifically for its hardware, but for its inclusion of the Google Play store.  As a computer vision developer, one of the hardest things to do is find hardware capable of making my software useful.  Computer Vision has some tough hardware requirements including a “quality” sensor/lens and a powerful CPU.  I use quotes around quality because sensor/lens quality is relative.  The Samsung Galaxy Camera definitely has a powerful CPU, 4 cores with NEON acceleration.  The sensor is basically a high-end smartphone sensor but the lens with zoom capabilities stands out.

As other camera manufactures follow Samsung’s lead, Polaroid just announced a new Android based camera, the market grows for computer vision developers.  My hope is that these camera manufactures understand the importance of supporting Google Play, or at a minimum some type of apps store.  If my dream comes true, maybe someday a computer vision developer will create the next “Angry Birds” app, and truly bring computer vision to the masses.

In the same way that the Kinect hackers demonstrated that the Kinect was more than a gaming toy, developers have the potential to demonstrate that computer vision is a reality by accessing the masses via the mobile applications marketplace. 

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Love to learn more about applications for the Samsung Galaxy Camera. Is there a good way to search from them, or maybe you have a short list.

As a developer I would be worried about the roadmap that Samsung might have for its own apps: clearly they stand to benefit the most from a good set of applications and they will have a 6 month jumpstart on any third party developer. What do you think would be the best venues to explore that stay clear from Samsung corporate?