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What is Computer Vision
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Eric Gregori
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Since I started researching computational photography I have been thinking more and more about, "what is computer vision".

As I thought about the many facets of computer vision, it occured to me that the kernel of computer vision is the algorithm.  Computer vision revolves around the algorithm.  Some engineers create the algorithms, many more engineers implement the algorithms, and system engineers use the algorithms.


The semiconductor companies execute the algorithms, the sensor companies feed the algorithms.  Tools companies enable algorithm creation, optimization, and implementation.

With the above in mind, the definition of computer vision would be, "The creation, optimization, and usage of algorithms to make decisions based on visual input."

I make the distinction between "make decisions" and "extract information" because I would argue that the definition of computational photography is, "The creation, optimization, and usage of algorithms to extract information from visual input for the purpose of enhancing the visual input."


In the end, it's just words, but if you start to think of computer vision as the universe around an algorithm "kernel", it makes it even cooler :)