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Looking for Face Detection in FastCV?
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Eric Gregori
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If you are looking for face detection if FastCV you will not find it.

After doing some research, I found out why.  It turns out, Qualcomm has implimented face detection outside of FastCV and included it in their Snapdragon SDK.

facial processing, such as blink and smile detection, which makes it easier to take better pictures of people in groups;


Facial Processing

Profile faces in real-time to determine a person's smile, track their gaze to detect where their eyes are looking, and detect blinking. Integrated into the camera, this feature allows you to create new interactions to enhance the user experience.

With each frame, track these properties from a face:

  • Eye Tracking – measurement of how open each eye is
  • Gaze Tracking – directional location of the overall gaze
  • Smile Value – estimate the degree of the smile