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Extreme Image Stitching
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Eric Gregori
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A very common computational photograhy algorithm is image stitching.

The AWARE project from Duke combines 98 Aptina image sensors to create a multi-Gigapixel camera.


The image formation process generates a seamless image from the microcameras in the array. Since each camera operates independently, this process must account for alignment, rotation, illumination discrepancies between the microcameras. To approach real-time compositing, a forward model based on the multiscale optical design is used to map individual image pixels into a global coordinate space. This allows display scale images to be stitched multiple frames per second independent of model corrections, which can happen at a significantly slower rate.

The current image formation process supports two functional modes of operation. In the "Live-View" mode, the camera generates a single display-scale image stream by binning information at sensor level to minimize the transmission bandwidth and then performing GPU based compositing on a display computer. This mode allows users to interactively explore events in the scene in realtime. The snapshot mode captures a full dataset in 14 seconds and stores the information for future rendering and analysis. This mode is used for capturing still images such as those presented on the AWARE website.