ViEye, the flagship product of Computer Vision Systems, works by recognising regular human gestures that can be used to control various devices. Similar solutions are used in game consoles (such as Kinect for Microsoft xBox, for example), but ViEye can be used for a range of applications in electronics, medicine, the automotive industry and smart homes. ViEye is also cheaper, more precise, has flexible settings and works in any weather conditions.


CVS aims for ViEye to be used for outdoor advertising, such as interactive showcases in stores and shopping centers. Shoppers will be able to control images in window displays, browsing new collections and special offers.


Our solutionViEye - a passive gesture recognition system, which allows someone to control devices and enter data using simple gestures. The main application for this technology is the control of complex home entertainment systems (GoogleTV, AppleTV), computers and 3D mobile devices. This technology can be successfully applied to electronics, medicine, the automobile industry and equipping intelligent homes. ViEye makes it simple to control devices (TVs, audio systems, air conditioners), making their interfaces intuitive and user-friendly.

Key advantages of this technology:

  • A wide range of applications for the technology: Operates within small spaces (a room) as well as large ones (200 metres or more).
  • An unlimited number of devices within a single room and low power consumption: The “distance to objects” data is determined according to the stereo vision principle. This is analogous to the method used by human eyes (which is different from the approach used by competitors, who emit infrared light).
  • High processing speed and accuracy: The system not only calculates the distance to objects, but also determines their motion. Unlike the competitors, we obtain complete gesture information (motion + distance).
  • Functions with moving objects: The system filters out its own motion and continuously re-aligns the cameras.
  • Simple and inexpensive construction: Simple video cameras and a single controller are sufficient.