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The Stanford Frankencamera and the new Samsung Galaxy Camera
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While researching computational photography I came across an interesting project by Stanford Frankencamera.


The Frankencamera was introduced at SIGGRAPH2010 as a An Experimental Platform for Computational Photography.  The project actually resulted in two pieces of hardware; one was a firmware modified Nokia camera phone, the other was a true hack consisting of bits and pieces of camera surrounding a single board computer.

The goal of the frankencamera hardware was/is to facilitate experimentation in computational photography. Unfortunately, the hardware was in the thousands of dollars.  Out of reach to the average hobbyist.

Along comes the Samsung Galaxy Camera.  An open source Linux based camera with a “real” lens and a respectable sensor.  Will the Galaxy camera become the next Frankencamera?


I hope so.  At only $499.00 (lets hope they come out with a cheaper WiFi only version) I think the Samsung Galaxy Camera is a very interesting piece of hardware.  Imagine the interesting applications that will be available on the Google Play store after a group of Stanford or MIT computational photography grad students get their hands on the Galaxy Camera.  The potential of such a low cost open source platform is truly intriqing.


To quote one of the commenters: “Samsung is to developers and users what Morpheus is to Neo: I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it.”