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The OpenCV Foundation: Please Post Your Requests For More Information
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Brian Dipert
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Hopefully by now you've had the opportunity to audition the keynote delivered by Gary Bradski, President and CEO of the OpenCV Foundation and Founder and CTO at Industrial Perception, at last month's Embedded Vision Alliance Member Summit. Bradski will also be the afternoon keynoter at next month's Embedded Vision Summit.

One of the key themes of Bradski's talk last month was the recent incorporation of the non-profit OpenCV Foundation, and the transition of overall OpenCV project management from Willow Garage to it. Subsequent to the July Member Summit, I emailed Bradski with a few follow-up questions. You'll find them, along with Bradski's responses, in this article.

I've also created this discussion forum thread related to the article, which I'll ask Bradski to monitor. I encourage you to post additional OpenCV Foundation comments and questions here.

Amit Shoham
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According to Gary Bradski (as quoted in the article linked above), Nvidia has contributed new algorithms to OpenCV.  What types of algorithms has Nvidia contributed? Who else is contributing algorithms today?  Are there any new algorithms either expected or recently added that are particularly useful or promising?