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leanXcam - A open source Linux based computer vision camera
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Eric Gregori
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The only thing more fun than teaching a computer vision class is writing computer vision software, but a close third is researching computer vision topics on the internet.  It's like Christmas, there is always something new to find.


Tonight I discovered a oepn source Linux based computer vision camera:

I found this gem ( ) while researching OpenCV on the BlackfinDSP.

The camera runs uClinux and can run OpenCV directly in the camera.  

"The leanXcam is an intelligent camera running µClinux on an Analog Devices Blackfin DSP ADSP BF-537 with 500 MHz. The camera has a global shutter CMOS-Sensor with WVGA (752×480) resolution and up to 60 frames/s. The leanXcam is available with a color or a monochrome sensor from this Web Shop . More technical information can be found in the leanXcam Datasheet ."

The leanXcam is running an adapted version of Linux, called µClinux , optimized for use on a DSP. The distribution contains many of the well-known Linux tools and applications and is distributed under the GPL .

I just found it so I am still doing research.  If you have used the Blackfin for computer vision I would be curious about what you thought.




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Has this gem ceased to be? The links to leanxcam fall of the edge of the Internet, :-(