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Eric Gregori
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Has anyone done any work with Centeye (

"Centeye is a microelectronics firm in Washington DC that specializes in vision chip or visual microsensor technology for a variety of machine vision applications."

They have a very interesting line of vision chips with on-chip electronics dedicated to computer vision.  Their website indicates they specialize in optical flow.

"We have, for example, implemented a sensor capable of computing optical flow at 1400 Hz using a 10MIPS microcontroller, implemented a complete “smart camera” in a 125 milligram package, and implemented a 3 gram omnidirectional sensor suite for a small RC-class helicopter."


dan_wilkinson (not verified)

Hi Eric,


Yes, XMOS has worked with Centeye. Or rather, they simply used out processors to create a low cost optical flow sensor based on our event based processor and their unique sensors. We didn't have to give them much help, they just did it.