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Visual search, the next Google?
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As a gardening newbie, I’m constantly faced with new plants that I like, but don’t know anything of. The Google search engine is all powerful, as long as I know the plant’s name. I can find out all the information about how to plant and care the plant.

However, when faced with a real plant, without a tag, in someone else’ garden, Google search is of no help. I have to take a picture, or, sometimes with the kind permission of the fellow gardener (who amazingly cannot name the plant either), cut a tiny specimen from the plant. Then I have to travel to a nursery, which is not always nearby, and hopefully I can get to know the plant finally.

What I’d really like to do, is to point my phone to the plant, take a beautiful picture of it, and do a search. Then the search engine would come up with all the information about it, just the way a text search in Google generates.

I expect that anyone who could realize the visual search engine as powerful as Google’s text search would become the next Google.