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Is the Kinect going to change how we interact with technology?
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Eric Gregori
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Primesense, the company that brought you the connect, is looking beyond gaming for their 3D technology.

Primesense wants everything to be controlled by gestures.


"The Kinect’s success has put a spotlight on the category of gesture recognition, an area PrimeSense is seeking to develop with a variety of new non-game applications. At the Consumer Electronics Show last week, the PC maker Asustek showed off a product called the Wave Xtion that uses PrimeSense to navigate Web content and other PC applications on a television set. PrimeSense also showed its technology in action with televisions from Haier and others."




PrimeSense CEO Inon Beracha said the technology is "a new paradigm" that indicates how all consumer electronics products "will eventually be naturally controlled and operated."







Jeff Bier
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I think the idea has potential.  Every time I visit relatives and try to operate their television (typically through an array of 3-4 hand-held remote controls, each wtih 50+ cryptically labeled buttons) I think, "There has to be a better way."  

Is anyone working on standardizing gestures for controlling consumer electronics?  If every TV set uses a different set of gestures, that could cause a lot of frustration.