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How Embedded Computer Vision can help you go Green
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I am glad my kids finally went back to school.  I don't think the TV was off for more then a couple of hours all summer.  I am sure I am not the only one with kids who are constantly leaving the TV on.  It got me thinking about how TV's could be made smarter.  


My first thought was a IR motion detector.  Although that may work with the kids ( they never sit still ) it's not very practical for anyone over 18.

Then I realized that when you are watching TV, you are actually looking at the TV.  What a great application for Face Detection.  Put a camera on top of the TV facing at the "audience" or couch in my case.  If the camera does not see any faces over a specified length of time, it shuts down.

I realized I was on to something (think how much electricity we could save) and was about to run to the patent office when a quick Google search reveald this news from Sony:

Intelligent Presence Sensor

The Intelligent Presence Sensor in many new BRAVIA TVs uses advanced face recognition technology to analyse and monitor who is watching the screen. It can automatically optimise sound and picture performance for people who aren’t sitting directly in front of the TV, warn children if they’re sitting too close and even dim the picture or turn it off completely, if no-one is looking.


I guess great minds think alike, and my early retirement in Aruba will have to wait for my next great idea :)