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Apple takes the lead in introducing embedded technology to the masses
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"Apple  has included facial recognition technology in iOS 5, 9to5Mac discovered earlier this week. It’s not something Apple is advertising about with the software update yet, but as it develops, it could become one of the most significant additions ever introduced to Apple’s mobile operating system."

" So features like FaceTime, for instance, could get the ability to judge which person deserves focus during a group video chat (which is also likely in the works). A similar system has been described as one of the possible motivations behind Google’s recent acquisition of facial recognition company PittPatt, for use with Google+ Hangouts."


Google not to be outdone:

"Google on Monday announced that it has purchased PittPatt, a Pittsburgh-based startup that specializes in facial recognition technology in photos and videos, which was founded by two professors and one former IBM researcher, all PhD graduates of Carnegie Mellon University.


The company’s tech started as a research project at the Carnegie-Mellon University Robotics Institute — its name is a play on Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition. The company’s software identifies facial structures in photos and tracks them in videos."



You have to wonder if Computer Vision will be to the smartphone industry, what acclerometers were to the video game industry?  Before the Wii, hardly anyone knew what an accelerometer was or what it did.  Now using accelerometers in gaming is a standard, creating a multimillion piece market.  

Is it possible that 5 years from now, Facial Recognition will be a standard in our smartphones, at our banks, in our grocery stores, ... ?