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Examples of Computer Vision being used in products shipping today
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Eric Gregori
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I recently came across a website that lists manufactures and product that use computer vision, and are currently shipping products.

This site lists some incredibly interesting products;


You may recognize the company Reactrix if you have been in a mall recently.  This company makes a “billboard” that uses computer vision to interact with customers.  An advertisement, customers actually WANT to see.   I know my kids will play with the Reactrix at our mall all day if I let them.


Clarontech is a medical company using 3D computer vision to “ …help clinicians identify anatomy and objects of interest, visualize and analyse them, and safely navigate their instruments during surgical procedures”.  “We also develop and market MicronTracker, a family of unique stereoscopic pose-tracking products. MicronTrackers detects and track the pose (location and orientation) of specially marked objects at sub-millimetre accuracy in real time using regular visible-light video streams.”



NorthStar is indoor navigation system currently being used by two different home vacuum cleaner manufactures.  NorthStar uses a fixed base to project infrared markers on a ceiling.  The detector in the mobile device can see these markers and identify its location relative to the fixed base to within centimeters.  Think of NorthStar as a low-cost indoor GPS. is full of companies using computer vision in products shipping to customers today.  As the cost of high performance processors continues to come down, more and more computer vision applications that seemed impossible just a few years ago will start to show up in our cars, doctor’s offices, and living rooms.


What do you think?  Do you know of any companies currently shipping product using computer vision or image processing?