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Social Media Update, Request To Propagate
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Brian Dipert
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Hi, folks, I'm Brian Dipert, the Editor-In-Chief of the Embedded Vision Alliance, beginning my third week on the job as of today. I hope you've been enjoying the string of news posts I've made over the past week-plus; my long-term goal is to keep up the daily pace of new content to the site, both authored by yours truly and by Alliance partners and other industry experts.

You all lead busy professional lives, too, so I certainly understand why it might be difficult to remember to visit the site on a regular basis. As such, I wanted to remind you of the following alternative heads-up communication schemes, all of which I'll update each time a new piece of content goes live, and which I encourage you to both personally subscribe to and to pass along to interested associates:

We're also working hard on improving the breadth and depth of coverage delivered by the site's various RSS feeds, to give you additional notification avenues whenever new material appears. Your feedback is always welcomed; on things we could do differently, do better, do at all (if we're not doing them yet)...and stop doing (if you feel there's no, or even negative, value to them). Please leave your comments here in the forums, if you at all feel there's value to the broader community considering them...alternatively, if you prefer private correspondence, you can always drop me an email.


Brian Dipert