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Badge rules

Experience Points

Contributing to the Embedded Vision Alliance discussion will earn you more than the gratitude of the EVA community.  You'll advance in the EVA experience point system and gain levels that qualify you for higher tiers of prizes in the EVA Community Rewards Program.  Member companies provide fantastic items for periodic, random drawings during the year, and a higher experience point level is required to be entered into the pool for the best items.  The EVA Community Rewards Program will launch in a few months.


These are the level numbers and names, along with the number of points a user needs to obtain that badge:

Level 1 Prestidigitator 0
Level 2 Evoker 10
Level 3 Conjurer 30
Level 4 Thaumaturgis 60
Level 5 Magician 100
Level 6 Enchanter 150
Level 7 Warlock 210
Level 8 Sorcerer 280
Level 9 Necromancer 360
Level 10 Wizard 450
Level 11 Arch-Mage 1000

Earning Experience Points

+1 Point Replying to a Forum Topic
+1 Point Starting a Forum Topic
+1 Point Commenting on a News item or Industry Analysis article/video
+2 Points Your Post Flagged as Helpful
-2 Points Your Post Flagged as Unhelpful

* Note that attempts to SPAM the system to build up points could lead the moderator to enforce horrible experience point penalties.  More-likely, other readers will just flag down SPAM posts, and the community will regulate itself.